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Savage Outdoors - South Dakota Antelope Stalk

This week's episode on The Sportsman Channel host Mike Stroff and Randy Morrison are hunting trophy antelope in South Dakota with Western Ranch Outfitters. Using their Bowtech bows and Excalibur crossbows, this is one of the more exciting hunts the guys do each season - spot and stalk antelope hunting using horses to get into bow range! This style allows for some serious offensive hunting. Since the antelope typically don't mind the horses, the guys can hide behind them and get into close enough range to take a great shot on these antelope. You don't want to miss this exciting, action-packed episode of Savage Outdoors!

Watch Mike Stroff and Randy Morrision on their South Dakota Antelope Stalk

South Dakota Antelope Hunting at its finest with Western Ranch Outfitters. 

This beast of an antelope was just one of the trophies that were taken during our South Dakota Antelope Stalk. If you would like to take a trophy antelope like this one please don't wait to book your hunt with Western Ranch Outfitters today.  


  1. Bowtech Bow

  2. Excalibur Crossbow

  3. Realtree Camo

  4. Bushnell Range Finder

  5. Bushnell Binos

  6. Wac'em Fixed Blade Broadheads

  7. Tru Glo Range Rover Sight

  8. Tru Glo Quiver

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