Savage Outdoors - New Mexico Elk

Host Mike Stroff is hunting elk in New Mexico with Fishtail Ranch. This is an annual thing for Mike to go and hunt with Lee 

Weiss at Fishtail Ranch. The guys have been doing this hunt for years and it has produced some really nice elk each year! This year is no different, Mike is in Elk camp the first week of October for the opening days of rifle season! The elk are still fired up and buggling good and with as many elk as there are at Fishtail ranch this will be a great week of hunting!

Fishtail Ranch: The Great October Elk Hunt - Full Episode

New Mexico Elk Hunting does not get any better than this.

There is nothing that compares to taking your first trophy bull elk. Fishtail Ranch has everything you need when it comes to hunting these beautiful animals. If you have ever wanted to hunt a massive bull elk contact Fishtail Ranch today.   


  1. Savage Model 110

  2. Federal Premium Ammo

  3. Bushnell LRHS Scope

  4. Bushnell Range Finder

  5. Conquest Scents Elk Scent Stick

  6. Realtree Xtra Camo

  7. Yeti Rambler