Savage Outdoors - Down South in Mexico

Down South in Mexico: This week the Savage Outdoors cameras are headed to old Mexico. Host Mike Stroff has sent the Savage Outdoors production staff down to film Mike Holm from Federal ammunition  on a once in a lifetime hunt for Desert Big Horn Sheep. The guys are hunting with Sonora Dark Horn Adventures. Mike has hunted with the guys at Sonora Dark Horn a number of times so he knows what the guys are in for on this hunt! It isn't everyday you get to watch a Desert Bighorn Sheep go down, you don't want to miss this episode!

Mexico: Desert Big Horn Sheep Hunt

Hunting Trophy Desert Big Horn Sheep in Mexico. 

Taking down one of these Desert Big Horn Sheep is a dream for any hunter. If you would like the opportunity to hunt one of these majestic rams contact Sonora Dark Horn Adventures today.  


  1. Savage Model 110

  2. Federal Premium Ammo

  3. Bushnell LRHS scope

  4. Bushnell range finder

  5. Realtree Xtra Camo

  6. Yeti Rambler